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Marco Capparoni was born in Rome, Italy, in 1993 and since childhood grown passion for drawing and painting, thanks also to his family.

After years at the college of Art, at the age of nineteen he decided to move to the UK where lived, until Marco moved back to Rome to attend a school for Comics and Illustration Art. After those years he went to Vienna for another experience abroad studying Fashion Illustration.

Interested in all kind of Art, from sketching in the wild with several material and techniques, to graphic novel art with inks, doodles on sketchbooks, sculpture and craft, Marco’s real passion  is on historical and military illustration, putting  attention on detail and atmosphere.

He have been happily working for clients in UK, Europe and America, mainly on subjects regarding History, from illustrations for a  board-game, boxarts for wargame, illustration for books and concert art.


Marco now lives and work in Devon, inspired by the historical and stunning natural landmarks surrounding him.

Willing to establish himself in the Art world, with the support of his family.